Crossing The Bridges

Halifax Harbour Bridges’ goal is to ensure that your journey across the Macdonald and MacKay bridges is as safe, smooth, and as stress-free as possible.

MACPASS is the easiest, most efficient way to cross the bridges. MACPASS is free to receive, easy to install and manage, and saves you money with each crossing.

Credit or debit cards are not accepted at the tolls for either bridge.

The Macdonald Bridge and Halifax Harbour are seen amid a red-orange sky at sunset.

Visitor’s Guide

Everything you need to know as a visitor crossing the bridges.

Cyclists ride their bikes in the Macdonald Bridge bike lane.

Active Transportation

Making crossing the Macdonald Bridge on foot or a bike easy.

Bright lines are seen painted on the empty, rain-soaked deck of the Macdonald Bridge.


Rates breakdowns for individual and commercial traffic.