About The Bridges

Halifax’s two iconic suspension bridges, the Angus L. Macdonald and A. Murray MacKay, are two of the most important pieces of traffic infrastructure in the region. The two bridges support more than $120 million of economic activity annually.

Approximately 105,000 vehicles cross the two bridges each workday, along with the hundreds of pedestrians and cyclists who use the active transportation lanes on the Macdonald Bridge.

Each year the bridges undergo a rigorous inspection to identify maintenance requirements and it ensures that items from previous inspections are being addressed properly. These inspections form the basis of the three-year maintenance plan.

While the two bridges look similar from a distance, they’re structurally very different. Find out more about their differences, beyond their years of opening, below.

A vehicle drives on the Barrington Street ramp to the Macdonald Bridge at sunset. The Canadian flag flies in the tower of the bridge in the background.

History of The Macdonald Bridge

The Angus L. Macdonald Bridge opened on April 2, 1955.

The Macdonald Bridge is seen spanning Halifax Harbour, with the red-and-white striped towers of Tufft's Cove in the background.

History of The MacKay Bridge

The A. Murray MacKay Bridge opened on July 10, 1970.

People walk on the Macdonald Bridge during Bridgewalk 2023.

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