MACPASS is Halifax Harbour Bridges’ electronic tolling system that allows drivers to pass through the tolls of the Macdonald and MacKay bridges without stopping to pay with cash.

The MACPASS itself is free, convenient, and comes with a discount over paying toll fees with cash. Using a MACPASS also helps reduce congestion, and helps cut harmful emissions from idling vehicles.

Getting a MACPASS

A minimum payment of $20 is required for all new MACPASS transponders. That payment is applied to your MACPASS account and goes toward your bridge toll costs. Please note that you must use a major credit card to make an online order.

There are two easy ways to get a MACPASS:

If you order online, your MACPASS will be mailed to you through Canada Post. Once you receive it, activate it online before installing it. If you get your MACPASS in person, one of our Customer Service Representatives will activate it for you before you leave.

Switch To A Sticker Pass

Halifax Harbour Bridges is saying goodbye to the hard-shell MACPASS transponders after more than 20 years.

In 2020, sticker transponders were introduced for all new customers, which provide a superior experience with fewer read errors at the toll plazas. They are also compatible with the next-generation tolling options coming soon to Halifax’s bridges.

As a result, in the coming months we will be phasing out the hard-shell transponders in favour of the easy-to-install stickers. To order your new stickers(s), simply log into your account on MyMACPASS.com. Use our step-by-step guide or watch the following video below to learn how to make the swap yourself.


How-To Guide: Access your account on the MACPASS App or MyMACPASS.com

How-To-Guide: Update your credit card information on the MACPASS App or MyMACPASS.com

The MACPASS is a small electronic transponder that attaches to your windshield and when it’s scanned, your prepaid account is identified and the toll is deducted automatically.

Dedicated MACPASS-only lanes at both bridges make your trip more efficient, but MACPASS users can use any open lane at any time.

MACPASS offers an easier way for commercial organizations to track toll costs and eliminates the need for employees to carry change.

Please refer to the MACPASS Customer Agreement for details regarding vehicle liability issues.

The MACPASS transponder works in most vehicles with standard windshields. Heated windshields, windshields with chromium oxide for UV protection, or windshields with a built-in antenna, can prevent the MACPASS transponder from being read when it’s placed in the standard location. If your vehicle has one of these windshields, you can contact our MACPASS Customer Service to get advice on the best placement for your transponder.

Halifax Harbour Bridges and the Halifax Stanfield International Airport are making travelling easier with MACPASSplus.

MACPASSplus allows you to use your MACPASS to pay for short- and long-term parking in the parkade at the airport. Drivers have reduced wait times with express payment lanes and cashless parking. As long as your MACPASS is connected to your credit card, you can access this service.

Your MACPASS transponder can also be used at the Cobequid Pass and Confederation Bridge. To use your MACPASS with the other toll facilities in the Maritimes, simply set up a separate account with the tolling facility and ask to have your MACPASS linked.

The MACPASSplus express lanes at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport.