MacKay Bridge closed during the day May 27-28 for maintenance

May 24, 2023

The MacKay Bridge will be closed during the day May 27-28 to allow a half-dozen crews to carry out maintenance and inspections that are not possible when the 1.6 km bridge is open.

“We understand the traffic disruption that results when we close either bridge, so we only do it when absolutely necessary. And then we get as many projects done as possible” says CEO Tony Wright. “This weekend there will be painting and paving, critical inspections of hard to get to spaces, and an opportunity for our IT team to work on the toll plaza.”

Unlike some full-bridge closures that begin Friday night and run through to Monday morning, this weekend closure begins each day at  7:30 am and runs only until 7:30 pm.

The overnight closure of the MacKay Bridge’s northbound lane to accommodate the installation of a new expansion joint will resume May 24. With that work set to continue through the weekend, motorists will be pleased to know that project should be completed very soon.

“We appreciate Halifax driver’s patience, but unfortunately as the bridges continue to age, more closures are inevitable,” says Wright. “We have a busy construction season ahead and we’re trying to do as much work as possible at the times when it is least disruptive, but there will be times when people’s travel plans will be disrupted.”

Video: Halifax bridge closures explained