Tony Wright takes on CEO role beginning Aug. 8

May 6, 2022

Halifax Harbour Bridges today announced its new CEO. Tony Wright, currently general manager at Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE), will take the reins at the provincial commission as of August 8. The Board chose Mr. Wright, an engineer, after conducting a national search.

“Tony brings a wealth of experience to this role, including a proven record of what it takes to build an innovative and pioneering mindset within an organization,” said Vicki Harnish, Board Chair. “He has shown he has the ability to work effectively with a board, building trusting relationships and ensuring transparency and effective communications among employees, partners and community stakeholders.”

The next several years are vital for Halifax Harbour Bridges as it focuses on its world-class safety program, rehabilitation and maintenance of the two bridges, and the renewal of the toll system. Wright will play a significant role in these endeavors, and in fostering continued positive and collaborative engagement with key stakeholders and the community.

“Halifax Harbour Bridges presents a wonderfully exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of growth for the city and province,” said Wright. “I look forward to working with the team and being part of the vibrant and exciting future for Halifax Harbour Bridges.”

Under Wright’s leadership, FORCE plays a critical role in advancing Canada’s marine renewable energy initiatives on behalf of both the federal and Nova Scotia provincial government, including creating important relationships with government, Bay of Fundy communities, Indigenous organizations, researchers, academic institutions and private sector service providers.

He also successfully managed the construction of the FORCE test site that included land acquisitions, securing regulatory requirements, construction of a 30MW interconnection facility and the installation of 11 kilometres of subsea power cables in the world’s highest and fastest tides.

In November, current HHB CEO Steve Snider announced his intent to retire this summer.