Bridge Coating program explained

February 23, 2024

Halifax Harbour Bridges (HHB), owner-operator of two large cable suspension bridges in Nova Scotia, is looking for a qualified contractor to help extend the life of these two critical pieces of infrastructure.

Join the HHB engineering staff for a 90-minute virtual presentation on March 7 at 1 pm (Atlantic) to learn about this $50 million opportunity.

The Steel Repairs and Coating Program includes the following bridge components:

  • Two main towers (each 99.19 meters tall)
  •  A steel pier (30 meters tall)
  • DCB-D6 Truss Spans (280m long)
  • D6 to Abutment Girder Spans (160m long)
  • Halifax Girder Spans (80m long)

During the session, interested contractors can learn about the bridges, the condition of the existing coatings, and our tender scoping schedule that kicks off this Spring. 

Our immediate goal is to find a competent General Contractor to remove the existing coatings system to bare steel, identify and carry out the required steel work, and implement a corrosion protection system for the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge, to provide 25 years of coating service life.

Join us on March 7 to explore this opportunity and ask your questions of the HHB engineers who know the bridges the best 


Not able to make it? Contact HHB Project Manager Walter Watkins ( for details