Bridgewalk 2022: Come walk the Macdonald Bridge

April 1, 2022

People walk on the Macdonald Bridge during Bridgewalk 2022.

For the thousands of people that cross the Macdonald Bridge daily, the panoramic views of Halifax and Dartmouth are stunning – but fleeting.

The opportunity to change that – and really soak in all the city perspectives from every part of the bridge – will take place on July 31, 2022, from 2-4 PM when Halifax Harbour Bridges (HHB) invites the community to lace up their sneakers and get ready to walk a Halifax landmark.

Bridgewalk 2022 is a free two-hour opportunity for families and bridge enthusiasts to take a leisurely stroll across the iconic 1.3 km bridge and simply take in the scenery.

Noted Halifax musician John Alphonse and a Dixie-style band will be roaming the bridge and a community band will keep things hopping on a stage near the Dartmouth end of the bridge.

Other busker-style entertainers will make an appearance and a bicycle safety clinic is planned.

“We’ve been showcasing the bridge like this for close to 40 years,” says HHB General Manager & CEO Steve Snider. Though we have missed a couple recently due to the Big Lift and COVID, we think of the Macdonald as the people’s bridge and are pleased to be able to open it up to the entire community during the Natal Day weekend.

Young and old, physically fit and those fitness-challenged will enjoy spending a couple of hours 90 metres above the water. Baby strollers and wheelchairs are welcomed. Cyclists will need to remain in the bikeway.

This is a FREE event


Do you have an outdated hard-shelled MACPASS hanging around that you don’t know what to do with? Bring it along and toss it in the eco-bin. We’ll see that it gets recycled properly.

NOTE: As a result of lingering concerns about COVID, there will be no barbecue or high-touch interactive activities for children as in some previous years.