Halifax Harbour Bridges celebrates Earth Day 2023 with lighting shutdown

April 19, 2023

The Macdonald Bridge at night during the Big Lift. A gantry for replacing deck segments is seen lowering a segment to a barge beneath the bridge.

For photographers who use the Macdonald Bridge as a backdrop for their beauty shots of Halifax, things are going to look a little different this weekend.

In honor of Earth Day 2023, Saturday, April 22, Halifax Harbour Bridges (HHB) will turn off all the decorative lighting on the 1.6-kilometre bridge from dusk Friday, April 21 to dawn on Monday, April 24.

The move is a symbol of the organization’s commitment to the planet and a nod of encouragement to individuals, businesses, and communities that are taking action against the climate crisis.

“With the increasing number of storms and wind events, we see the impact of climate change first-hand. We have more closures as a result of storms and our infrastructure is negatively impacted,” says HHB CEO Tony Wright.

While switching off decorative lighting is more of a gesture than something that will make a big environmental impact, Wright said HHB’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident through its internal programs that monitor waste, look at ways to reduce the use of salt and track the greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles and buildings.

The move will impact decorative lighting on the Macdonald Bridge exclusively. There is no decorative lighting on the MacKay Bridge and no lighting tied to traffic safety will be impacted.

HHB encourages the public to join in its efforts to protect the environment and celebrate Earth Day by taking actions in their daily lives to reduce their carbon footprint.