MACPASS stickers to replace hard-shells

May 2, 2024

As part of continuing efforts to upgrade its tolling system to provide the best possible service, Halifax Harbour Bridges is accelerating its transition to sticker transponders.

HHB introduced the existing MACPASS transponder system more than 25 years ago. It has served motorists well, but the existing hard-shell transponder is reaching the end of its life.

“When we first introduced MACPASS transponders, flip phones were a hot technology, and MP3 players were on the rise,” says HHB CEO Tony Wright. “Needless to say technology has advanced significantly in all areas, including tolling, and our users deserve the best options available.”

Three years ago, the commission introduced a sticker transponder for all new customers. They have provided a superior experience with fewer read errors at the toll booths. They are also compatible with the e-tolling options HHB is actively pursuing.

As a result, in the coming year, HHB will be phasing out the hard-shell transponders for both passenger and commercial traffic in favour of the easy-to-install stickers. HHB’s goal is to complete the conversion by December 31, 2024.

To order new sticker(s), users can go online to and request as many stickers as they require. The stickers will be mailed to the address provided. Before placing them in vehicles, users are reminded to activate the new stickers and deactivate their hard-shell transponders.

Deactivated hard-shells can be recycled by passing them to any bridge attendant, taking them to the MACPASS Service Centre, or dropping them off at special bins at Access Nova Scotia offices in the HRM.