The toll to cross the Macdonald or MacKay Bridge is based on the number of axles on your vehicle and if the vehicle has dual rear wheels or equivalent.

Most passenger vehicles and light trucks pay $1.00 if using a MACPASS and $1.25 if paying with cash. The cash lanes accept quarters, $1 coins and $2 coins. The coin baskets will not accept older tokens, dimes or nickels.

The sidewalk and bicycle lane are free of charge to use.

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board approves toll rates set by HHB. In late 2021, it approved a toll increase that has allowed the organization to embark on an aggressive 10-year, $285-million capital, maintenance and rehabilitation plan.

Vehicle TypeMACPASSCash
Automobiles, light trucks, motorcycles$1.00$1.25
When towing a single axle trailer$1.34$1.50
When towing a double axle trailer$1.66$2.25
When towing a triaxle trailer$2.00$2.50
Buses with a seating capacity of 16 or more$1.20$2.50
Access-A-Bus Vehicles$0.60$0.75

The following classifications are for vehicles with dual tires detected on any one axle based for the following:

2 axles$2.91$3.50
3 axles$4.36$5.00
4 axles$5.83$6.50
5 axles$7.28$8.50
6 axles$8.73$10.00
7 axles$10.19$11.50
8 axles$11.64$13.50