How does MACPASS work?

The MACPASS transponder is a small electronic device that attaches to the windshield of your vehicle and contains information that identifies your account. As you approach a toll lane on either the MacKay or Macdonald Bridges, an overhead antenna identifies your MACPASS transponder and deducts the toll.

You can use MACPASS in ALL lanes on the Macdonald and MacKay Bridges. For added convenience, there are “MACPASS Only” lanes on both bridges.

Watch our MACPASS installation video here.

The transponder works in most vehicles with standard windshields. Vehicles with heated windshields, windshields with chromium oxide for UV protection, or windshields with a built-in antenna can interfere with the MACPASS transponder working propery. In this case, please contact or visit the our MACPASS Customer Service Centre for advice on installation.

Can I use my MACPASS transponder at other toll facilities?

You can use MACPASS at the Cobequid Pass and Confederation Bridge tolls by creating an account with them.

If you are applying for a MACPASS account and you already have an E-Pass or a STRAIT Pass, indicate your transponder serial number (located on the lower left hand corner of your transponder (i.e. CAHD ########) on your MACPASS application. If you have a commercial account with several transponders, you should attach a list of the transponder serial numbers to your MACPASS application.

To set up an account, call:
Cobequid Pass: 1-877-727-7104
Confederation Bridge: (902) 437-7300

Please note: You should not have more than one transponder in your vehicle.

Sometimes the toll gate does not lift. Why?

Most commonly, the toll gate does not lift when:

  • Users let their account balance reach zero
  • Users do not use the transponder correctly

If you allow your account balance to reach zero, you will get a stop signal in the lane when you attempt to use your MACPASS. If this happens you will need to make arrangements to make a payment or your account may be suspended and a $10.00 reactivation fee will be applied.

Please note: As your account balance nears zero, a low balance message will appear under the “GO” sign as you travel through the toll lane.

Other reasons why the toll gate may not lift are:

Speeding through the tolls: Motorcycle, moped and scooter drivers are encouraged to come to a complete stop and swipe their MACPASS in front of the MACPASS reader located above the coin basket in all cash lanes. All other vehicles must reduce speed to 25 km/h to ensure that the MACPASS transponder will work correctly. All vehicles should be prepared to stop at any time while going through the tolls.

Defective transponder: If your transponder is defective, you can order a new one through the MACPASS App or online at, or get a new one at the MACPASS Customer Service Centre.

You can return your defective transponder in person or by mail at PO Box 39, 471 Princess Margaret Blvd, Dartmouth, NS, B2Y 3Y2.

How do I use MACPASS to pay for airport parking?

Halifax Harbour Bridges and the Halifax Stanfield International Airport are making travelling easier. MACPASS plus allows you to use your MACPASS to pay for short and long-term parking in the parkade at the airport. MACPASSplus provides drivers the convenience of reduced wait times with MACPASS plus express payment lanes and cashless parking. As long as your MACPASS is connected to your credit card, you can access this service.

MACPASS customers with a credit card on file who were MACPASSplus members before Sept. 8, 2023 will automatically remain enrolled in the program. Any customers who sign up for MACPASSplus after May 12, 2023, will have to have a credit card on file and manually opt-in to the MACPASSplus program online at or through the MACPASS App. To do so, navigate to the Payments section, and toggle the MACPASSplus selection “ON” underneath your credit card information  

I drive a motorcycle/moped/scooter. What is the best way to use my MACPASS?

For safety reasons, motorcycle, moped and scooter drivers are encouraged to avoid the MACPASS only lanes.

If you have a hard shell transponder, swipe the MACPASS in front of the MACPASS reader to lift the toll gate. MACPASS readers are located above the coin basket in all cash lanes.

If you have a sticker transponder, you must ensure it is installed properly. Since all bikes are different, please consult the MACPASS Customer Service Centre to ensure the right location for your bike.

Maintaining Your MACPASS Account

How do I register for a new MACPASS and online account?

To sign up for a MACPASS and online account as a first-timer, open the MACPASS App or head to and click the “Register” link.  

Each new account is required to have a minimum initial payment of $20, which must be done by either credit card, Visa-Debit or Mastercard-Debit. 

Vehicle information is not required to receive a MACPASS transponder. 

I already have a MACPASS account, how do I get a MyMACPASS online account?

Existing MACPASS users can manage their account through the MACPASS App, or online at, by clicking the “Access MyMACPASS now” link on the log-in page. From there, input either your Transponder or Account number and the email address linked to your current MACPASS account.  

You will receive an email to the address on file with a secure link to create and confirm a new password.  

How do I get a new MACPASS transponder?

To order a new MACPASS, on the MACPASS App, navigate to “Transponder” tab and click the plus-sign in the top right corner of the page.  

To order one through, navigate to the Transponders section of the Homepage and click the “Add/Order Transponder” button. Vehicle information is not required to receive a MACPASS transponder. 

How long does it take to get my new MACPASS?

Your new transponder will be mailed out within two to three business days of your order.  

How do I activate my new MACPASS?

To activate your transponder(s) through the MACPASS App, navigate to the Transponders tab, find your transponder, swipe left and select “ACTIVATE.”  

To activate your new MACPASS online at, find your transponder on the Transponders section of the homepage and select “Activate” from the Actions list.  

Your transponder should be ready to use within 5 to 10 minutes.  

How can I get information on my MACPASS account?

All account information is available on the through the MACPASS App or online at To view and update your account information, navigate to the Account tab.  


Call our customer service line at (902) 463-3100, 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.

How do I pay for MACPASS?

You can choose from the following payment options:

Automatic credit-card replenishment :
The convenient credit-card replenishment option is the easiest way to make MACPASS payments. When you use a valid credit card, Visa-Debit or MasterCard-debit, your MACPASS account will be replenished automatically.

Replenishment Amounts are set at a mininum of $20, and will be topped up as soon as your balance reaches the pre-set Replenishment Threshold of $7. Both the Replenishment Amount and Replenishment Threshold can be adjusted after you log in to your account through the MACPASS App or

Pre-authorized debit (PAD):
To make payments using monthly pre-authorized debit (PAD) payments, you must provide your banking information, as well as the preferred date of the month you would like your account debited.

Replenishment Amounts for PAD are set at a minumum of $20 and will be topped up monthly, on the day of the month you choose. Your payment date or and top-up amount can be adjusted on the MACPASS App or online at

Please note: If your MACPASS account balance on your selected payment date is above your monthly payment amount, no debit payment will be processed for that month.

One-time payments 

To make a one-time payment online, log in to your account through the MACPASS app or online at, and navigate to the Payments tab. 

The minimum amount for online one-time payments is $10.   

To make a one-time payment in person, visit the MACPASS Customer Service Centre located at 471 Princess Margaret Blvd, Dartmouth between 8:30 and 5:30 Monday through Friday.

The is no minimum amount for one-time, in-person payments.

Online bill payments

To top up your MACPASS account via an online bill payment, log into your online or mobile banking institution and add the Halifax Dartmouth Bridge Commission as the bill payee.

When asked for an account number, add your MACPASS account number.

How do I set up Auto-Replenishment?

Auto-Replenishment can be set up when you create your account, by selecting Automatic Replenishment and filling in your credit, Visa-Debit or Mastercard-Debit card information.  

If you already have an account and want to enable Auto-Replenishment, navigate to the Payments Tab on either the MACPASS App or, and select Enable Auto-Replenishment.  

Changing your Replenishment Threshold: 

The Replenishment Threshold is defaulted to $7 and the Replenishment Amount is defaulted to $20. These are set minimums. 

You can adjust your Replenishment Amount in the Payments tab of the MACPASS App or, under Auto-Replenishment Settings. 

If you increase your Replenishment Amount, we strongly encourage you to set the Replenishment Threshold to approximately 1/3 of the Replenishment Amount. 

NOTE: Frequent bridge users, such as commercial users, should increase both their Replenishment Amount and Replenishment Threshold to reflect their anticipated use.  

Why can’t I set up Auto-Replenishment over the phone?

As part of updating our MACPASS account management solutions, we have also updated our policies around privacy and security when it comes to customers’ personal and banking information.  

Our MACPASS Customer Service staff cannot take and/or input your credit card information for you, meaning Auto-Replenishment cannot be set up over the phone.  

Auto-Replenishment set-up must be done either through the MACPASS App or online at 

Why can’t I have multiple payment methods for my account?

MACPASS Customer Service will not charge backup methods of payment without a customer’s authorization. 

The new MyMACPASS account management system allows you to store multiple credit, Mastercard-debit and Visa-debit cards, as well as a pre-authorized debit payment option, in your account. You also have the flexibility to set any of those methods as your default payment method at any time either through the MACPASS App or online at 

Should your default method of payment fail, the MACPASS system will not automatically charge any additional payment methods attached to your account.  

How do I view my Statements online?

To view your statement on the MACPASS App, visit the Account tab and click “Statements,” select the statement you’re looking for and click the cloud button.  

To see your statement on, navigate to the Statements tab, find the statement you want to view and click the cloud button.  

Statements will be issued monthly, and will include transactions between the first and last day of each month.  

What is the difference between Activity and Statements?

The Activity tab provides a quick view of specific transaction types, and provides flexibility in tracking overall account activity.  

Within the Activity tab, users can view transactions specific to individual transponders, date ranges and transaction types, such as airport parking, payments, and bridge usage.  

Using the Activity tab on allows users to select date ranges and transaction types and download an editable CSV file.  

Can I have more than one MACPASS on an account?

Yes, you may have as many transponders as you wish on one account.

Sticker transponders cannot be shared between vehicles. If a sticker transponder is removed from a windshield, it will no longer work.

What happens if my MACPASS is lost or stolen?

If your MACPASS transponder is lost or stolen, notify MACPASS Customer Service Centre immediately, or report it lost or stolen through your online account. Once reported, your transponder will be deactivated and you will not be responsible for any further charges.

If you have linked your transponder with other tolling facilities, you must contact them individually to advise any changes to your pass.

Are there any fees associated with MACPASS beyond my monthly usage charges?

Most people will not have to pay additional charges for using their MACPASS. However, fees will apply for the following reasons:

  • If your account is suspended for any reason there is a reactivation fee of $10;
  • The minimum payment on an account is $20;
  • If, during an electronic funds transfer on your account, you have non-sufficient funds, there will be a fee of $10. After two non-sufficient funds transfers, we will deny electronic funds transfer as a payment option.
How do I manage the emails and/or text messages I get?

To manage your email and SMS communication settings on the MACPASS App, log into your account and navigate to the Account page. From there, select Account Details and scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Communication section. Toggle on and off the options that work for you. To manage these settings online, log into your account on, go to the Account page and scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Communication section and toggle your preferences.  

How do I deactivate a pass?

To deactivate your MACPASS on the MACPASS App, navigate to the Transponders tab, swipe left on your transponder and select “DEACTIVATE.” 

To deactivate your MACPASS online, navigate to the “Transponders” section of the Homepage, select your transponder and click “Deactivate” in the Activities list.  

Deactivated MACPASSes will not work in the toll lanes. However, your account will continue to be charged for any additional crossings after the transponder has been deactivated, until it has been removed from your account, or reported to the MACPASS Customer Service Centre as lost or stolen.  

How do I close my account?

To close your MACPASS account through the MACPASS App, navigate to the Account tab and select “Submit a request.” From the Subject drop-down menu, pick “Close MACPASS account” and provide a brief description of why you’re closing your account.  

To close your account online, navigate to the Support tab, click “New Ticket,” select “Close MACPASS account,” from the Topic list, and provide a brief description of why you’re closing your account. 

One of our MACPASS Customer Service Representatives will complete the account closure.