HHB updates its five-year strategic plan

December 1, 2021

In 2020 Halifax Harbour Bridges approved a five-year strategic plan designed to serve as a roadmap for the organization. Crafted in early stages of the pandemic and prior to the approval of the first toll hike in a decade, the plan was ratified with the understanding that it was a living document that would evolve as fiscal and societal realities changed.

By late 2021, the Board and senior management found the conditions in which HHB operated had changed significantly and refinement of the strategic plan might help ensure a shared focus on how the organization achieved it mandate of providing safe, efficient and reliable cross harbour transportation infrastructure.

In some cases, the changes subtly reflect our desire for greater emphasis on diversity and inclusion, sustainability and innovation. Others more clearly call out the two challenges HHB faces: the introduction of an all-electronic tolling and the re-decking or the replacement of the A. Murray MacKay Bridge.

HHB believes the revised strategic plan presents a clearer picture of our path to a desired future and will serve as an appropriate touchpoint for measuring our success over the next three years. View the revised plan